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Crayfish live in freshwater, they have alot of nick names, here's a few: Yabbies, Prickly backs, Midnight crawlers, Crawdads, Zaizai etc. Hey crayfish RULE!!

Shrimp or Prawn depending on where you are from occur mostly in the sea or in tidal areas of rivers. They are very popular for eating and there is hundreds of different types.

Say hello to MAC-ROW-BRAK-E-UM, simular to prawns and shrimps. These guys live in freshwater mostly. Their second pair of walking legs are longest and this makes them kind of look like a crayfish.

Crabs usually live in the sea, they are fun to watch and catch in the rock pools at the beach, crabs aways seem very busy to me. Some kids have pet land crabs in fish tanks, my friend Bianca has kept land crabs for a million years, well a long time anyway.

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