Yabbies, Crawdads? Huh what explain please

The Internet lets us all meet together like a big world wide club. We're real lucky that we can now have friends from all over the world. Okay, some of you might ask what's a Yabby, well a Yabby is the nick name for a freshwater crayfish from Australia, but freshwater crayfish are found all around the world. So if your in Europe, Asia or America you can usually buy a Yabby from a pet shop. In a lot of places you have your own native crayfish which you can catch and keep as pets. In the USA they have crawdads which is just another nickname for their native freshwater crayfish and in Japan they call them zarigani, little Kanta from Japan calls them 'zarizari'.

One very important thing, if you have a pet crayfish from a pet shop and you want to get rid of him, please take him back to the pet shop and don't let him loose in your local streams. Your pet could become a pest animal and upset the (WARNING: big words coming) 'ecological balance' in your area. What that means is they could breed and be a pest to the native animals and fish.


Dave Downunder

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