About NFA.

What is NFA? NFA is
Native Fish Australia. It is a volunteer organisation dedicated to the conservation of our native fish species. Our native fish have taken a battering during the last two hundred years due to pollution, alterations to stream flows and competing from introduced fish. I am proud to be a member of an organisation such as this, NFA takes positive action and I believe they are making a difference. On the right is Graeme "Grumpy" Creed, the current Secretary of the Victorian branch. He's not that bad really.


Bruce and James

The two NFA members in this shot are Bruce McInness of the
Wartook Native Fish Culture Fish Farm and my son James "Yabby" Royal. This shot was taken at Wartook, Bruce conducts various courses on freshwater aquaculture. For information on these courses contact the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE.

Web master Nick Thorne

He is the web master of the Native Fish Australia site. Be sure to have a look at his informative site. There are photographs of all of our native fish and information on NFA projects.

Fish breeding guru, Ron Lewis.

Ron is our hatchery manager and he has had years of experience in aquaculture. At the hatchery, NFA volunteers breed endangered fish which are released back into our waterways. At present we breed, Trout Cod, Macquarie Perch and Australian Bass.