The Busman's Holiday

Roger meets Reinhart

OK Dave, here's the pictures of my recent vacation in Austria where I visited Reinhard Pekney and Ava Marie. They are really great host! This was the best vacation I have ever taken without my family. Reinhard and Ava Marie are extraordinary people. Reinhard is currently raising endangered European crayfish and fish. Reinhard really knows his animal husbandry. I refer to this vacation as "The busman's holiday" because I did exactly what I do at work while on my vacation.
This is a picture of Reinhard's office (it's a rough life). He works in Austria's only wilderness area (Durrenstein) managing the forest and animal communities in an effort to restore the natural conditions that once existed in these mountains. There can be no doubt that Austria is
one of the more beautiful countries in the world.

 This is the Danube River as it enters a narrow gorge area in eastern Austria. Of course there is a castle at the entrance. Reinhard says there's good fishing here, though we didn't take time to do any fishing.

Reinhard shower me three species of native European crayfish. This is a large Astacus astacus we collected from a farm pond where the owner
was raising crayfish. I helped Reinhard and the owner gather up the crayfish once the pond was drained.

 Here I am out in the pond collecting the Astacus astacus from the muddy bottom. This is what the pond bottom looked like before we ventured out to gather up the crayfish. Reinhard thought the pond was over crowded and needed to be harvested more frequently.

These are some of the larger Astacus astacus collected from the pond. We gathered up three large buckets of crayfish. Some went with us to
stock other ponds, some went back into the farm pond, and some went home with the owner for dinner.