Bathurst Spiny Crayfish?


Message received from Martin,

Dave...long time....i found this cray in a small creek out of Bathurst (Sunny Corner)..the creek was dry but its burrow entrance was very visible and down through the cobble approx 20cm she emerged. I'm off the field again so haven't time to try and key it out...any thoughts ? I had a quick look and couldn't match any distributions with where i found it. Carapace length is 28mm. It has lost some colour (it is preserved, due to an accident by a student) but was dark with red and oranges............any help would be great....Martin

Hi Martin, it's very simular to the small euastacus woriworu found here in Victoria. This crayfish has a home range that spans on the top of mountain ranges. I have caught them in the Dandenongs and also at Mount Disappointment (which is outside of their home range). The photos on the wories on this web site are of larger specimens which I and others have collected from the Bunyip River 70 kilometre south east of Melbourne. The ones from Mount Disappointment are about this colour with a blue tinge to the claws. It is possible they stretch all the way to Bathurst, I'd have to have one to key it, you can't go on colour or a photo. Dave

Any you crayfish crazies got a better idea?