Big Crayfish


Our crays vary in size from region to region species to species. The largest crays, Astacopsis. spp come from Tasmania and they are found in rivers and streams which flow into Bass Strait. The photo on the right is of a large Murray Cray. This particular cray measured 17.5 cm ocl and weighted 1.75 kilograms. At the other end of the scale are our land yabbies, some of which we measure in millimeters.

To keep this site fast I have reduced the size of the images, for a full size picture of this cray click

One more thing to consider, these crayfish are over thirty/forty years of age. Please and I repeat please be satisfied with a photo of your conquest and put these beauties back in the river. It could be that the ones released help keep crayfish to considerable size. If you think of selective breeding, these larger crays ensure that large crayfish will continue.

A decent sized euastacus

A fully grown engaeus