Happy Birthday we're 1 year old today!


Gippsland Victoria, 30th September 2000

Well we didn't really know how to celbrate our first birthday so we went fishing. James, Phillip and the two Joes and I went to Gippsland to catch Gippsland Crayfish ( Euastacus kershawi). The creek on the right passes through rural land. We have fished this spot a number of times and it always produces good sized crayfish.

Here's Joe the 'Mystery Man' with a nice pair of Gippsland crayfish. It's probably hard for some fisho's to believe but we put them back in the water.

Hanging on the post beside Joe is the nets we use to catch crayfish.

Well I think Joe from Ballarat will probably wish he didn't strike this pose, the man with the 'bionic beer gut'. all to common in Australia.

We're camped right on the edge of the creek.
On the way back we stopped at another creek and caught four female Yarra crayfish ( Euastacus yarrensis), as you can see they're a beautiful blue colour.

Aw well; back to work tomorrow.