Well this hasn't much to do with crayfish. Just thought I put some photos together of our boats, past and present. I was half owner with Paul on this Huntsman cruiser, it's got s 'chev' motor and 'merc' stern drive. It planes well and is a safe boat for off shore fishing. It's fitted with all the gizmo's, fish finder, gps, etc.

The photos below are Barney on the left and Paul on the right. Barney's holding up a saltwater flathead, there's hundreds of them in Port Phillip Bay and there a great tasting fish. The locals call them frogs.

When we sold her I nearly cried.

Now this boat I totally own outright. I've had it over 20 years and it's brought me and others lots of pleasure. It's currently painted a poacher colour.

This is on Waranga Basin in Victoria Australia, my favorite place to catch crayfish. On this day the water was like glass. I'm in the blunt end, also in the boat is long time crayfishing buddy, Joe Broes and the kids.



I had this boat for a couple of years and it's good to have forward steering then fishing alone pulling up your cray nets, however there has one drawback, I broke three propellors in less than twelve months, so it had to go.......

This is my latest and current boat, it's a V8 Shotgun Sprinter jet boat, it's just over 14 feet long and does 60 miles an hour. The jet unit is great in rivers, very shallow draft. When it's up on a plane it only needs four inches of water. I'm setting it up as a fishing boat wirh a casting platform on the back. One comment I got was, I don't know if you'll catch more fish, but you should get there quick.