Boggy creek, geocharax

This is Boggy Creek at Curdie Vale in Victoria. I has unhappy with the photos I took of this cray but I've decided to include it as it may be sometime until I return to this area and get a second chance. I'm fairly sure that the specimens we found grow bigger because a claw of a larger individual was found. The little cray below is only about 25 mm and was highly mobile. I took approximately six shots and this was the nearest I got to an acceptable image. Then taking close-ups like this the depth of field is reduced. When possible I sedate the subjects by cooling them down ( put them in the fridge ) for about twenty minutes. This is not always possible in the field.

Boggy Creek is esturine water and these crays I believe must have a fairly high salt tolerance. In the photo above is the actual site. Over the bridge to the grassed area in the background is where we found this fellow. Their burrows have the characteristic chimney.

They are classified as the same species as on
landyabbies 2.