USA Collecting Trip 2002

From Chris in the Germany.

Modern Gladiators

Where's the cray!

High Friends,

We're back from the crayfish collecting trip ( KY, GA, TN, and FL) and we really had a good time!!!!
Here are some of the pics.
in fact it was a small international IAA Meeting...heheheh
i will send a CD with pics to everybody who wants one...just let me know ( lots of species and pics from the trip)

big thanx to the people who helped us !!!

Chris Taylor (!!!! you rule!!!!...)
Günther Schuster ( cooles Haus Günther....und danke für den netten Abend ..viele liebe Grüsse auch an deine Frau)
Dale Jackson and Ghislane Guyot ( thanx for you're nice Cray Pet..heheheh...we will tell everybody that we found the species..heheheh)
James Fetzner and his lovley wife( thanx a lot for you're extra trips to the comp dealer)
Roger Thoma ( c'mon let's go to Aussi Roger ) !!!!!

Withney Stocker und Frau ( grüße an die Schweizer im team...heheh)
Dan ( send me a tape of you're music and time we get the Barbicambarus!!!)
Dave Royal ( for having started the homepage..heheh...hey dave ,next time you have to come with us!!!!)

Intelligence, Integrity and Intensity!

Ah, well try again!

All the best
Reini , Kösti & Chris

'Dan the Man'