Dale Eugene Westaby

"crayfish crazy"


WEBMASTER: Every so often we get someone who is worthy of a little exposure, presenting Dale.

Word and photos by Dale himself.

Here's the dingle berry himself, Dale Eugene Westaby



Cambarus (L.) Diogenes from my area of WI  

A blue pearl morph Cambarus (L.) Diogenes that was environmentally induced blue.


"My name is Dale Eugene Westaby, I'm proud to live in La Crosse, WI and I'm an avid fishermen and hunter, I take trips to Canada just about every other year to catch the big walleyes. and of course I'm an addicted crayfishing and I catch crays wherever I see water, or even a burrow in someone's yard. If they are there, I'll catch them. I'm doing some stream monitoring, crayfish surveying in Wisconsin, USA this summer to help get a hold where O. rusticus has invaded so far in Wisconsin. I have a rather large collection of specimen photos from crayfish Ive collected and a few ones I have purchased like my Cherax Quads. Heres my photo archive link, http://s16.photobucket.com/albums/b14/dewcrayfish/ You can contact me at DEwestaby@aol.com "  


A pink morph O. rusticus, and a light colored rusticus lacking a rusty spot indicating that the crayfish was well adapted to its habitat since it was found in a light sandy stream.

2 typical pattern O. rusticus, I found that the backs are more blue on bright sunny weeks, once kept in captivity, the backs turn grey to browns

O. virlis can range from light tan in overall color to dark brown with blue to green claws. The first one was caught in light sandy creeks of southern WI, the darker one was found in the boundry waters of US/Canada

A beautiful Procambarus Acutus from my area of WI

Grumpy Old Editor note: These are Dales observations and not confirmed, however it is an interesting topic showing how crayfish rapidly adapt to altered surroundings, great stuff Dale!!!

Dave Downunder