Hello, my name is Emily and I am crayfish crazy! I have enjoyed your website during the past two years, which I have spent in my native United States working with crayfish. First I had a research project at college on river crayfish populations, then a summer job digging up burrowing crayfish with Roger Thoma in Indiana . And now I work for a crayfish scientist in Missouri!

Your website is a great resource for information and photos of crayfish the world over! It really makes me want to visit 'down under' and see some yabbies! I'd love to have my photo in your 'crayfish crazies' section, Roger said I should definately fit in there! I am attaching a photo of myself after digging up some burrowing crayfish with Roger (he took the photo). Yes, we got a bit muddy…!

This September I am starting a 3 year PhD program at the University of Leeds in England. The project is about how the native White-clawed crayfish and the invasive American Signal crayfish compare in parasites, water quality requirements, and sediment tolerance. Exciting! Thanks to your crayfish gallery, I got a good look at both already!


Emily Imhoff