Land yabbies 6


A special thank you to Dr Niall Doran of the Department of Primary Industry, Water and Environment of Tasmania. He was supplied a number of images of Tasmanian Engaeus crayfish. Niall has done a lot of work on these crayfish and brief notes from Niall are attached to most images. Niall is also an author, checkout the web site at Desdichardo Publishing.


Engaeus spinicaudatus, the Scottsdale Burrowing Crayfish. Highly restricted in distribution, to an area containing only 4 square kilometres of suitable habitat in NE Tas. The species is under direct threat from several sources, including forestry and agricultural operations, drainage, roading, and fire. Currently listed as Vulnerable under the Tasmanian Threatened Species Protection Act, this species has now been nominated for upgrading to Endangered under both that Act and the Commonwealth Endangered Species Protection Act. This specimen is covered with large temnocephala.