NFA at the fishing show


Oct 7 - Oct 10, 1999

at the



Each year NFA provides the fishing public of Melbourne, Australia with a live exhibit stand, displaying a sample of our marvelous native fish. As with our crayfish, we have the largest freshwater species of fish in the world. The mighty Murray Cod has been recorded at over 100 kilograms.

On display this year were, Murray Cod, the endangered Trout Cod, Australian Bass, Catfish and Macquarie Perch.

At left is fishing writer and NFA member Steele Whyte passively discussing some issue, (I like the body language).
Here's our mystery fish. She/he was on display at this year's 1999 Show. They grow to about 20 cm, are similar to a flathead but is a freshwater fish. Do you know what it is?

Answer; You'll have to
e-mail me for that.

As can be seen in the photograph on the left, the NFA stand attracts a lot of interest from anglers. NFA is a volunteer organisation dedicated to the conservation of Australian native fish. The stand is one of the few attractions at the show which is not commercially based.
Guess what my favorite exhibit was this year. This cray I caught at Waranga Basin in April 1998. Matt Kearton has done a fine job of looking after him and the cray attracted alot of interest at the show. It's great to see people marvel at these great creatures. Unfortunately a lot of people see them purely as a feed. This cray is probably twenty years old, to me it's always a shame to see a big cray go in the pot.

To the left is the trout cod on display at the show. These fish are still listed as endangered and it is illegal to take them from our rivers. For more information on trout cod visit the NFA site.
Tomorrow's fisherman,

Educating kids is one of the objectives of NFA. Lets hope these young people will be able to take their kids out fishing in the future. I support catch and release. Take a photo of your trophy and buy fish and chips on the way home, I do.

Am I getting to you yet, come on join NFA you know you should do something to help our fish.

Each year Matt Kearton co-ordinates the NFA display. He is largely responsible for the success of the exhibit. Well done Matt.