Land yabbies, geocharax


This page by me, James 'Yabby' Royal.

Never miss an opportunity. Last year I did. Whilst doing the Hatchery Managers course from NMIT at Wartook I found a number of burrows of what I thought would be Engaeus. This year I returned to the site with my ol' dad ( Dave Royal ) and Joe Broes. What we dug up is a species known as Geocharax, What's so great about it? I'll tell you, they only have a comparatively small home range.

You will notice on the claw (chealea) that there is a tooth and these claws and appendidages are as long as the main body and tail (abdomen) sections. There are only two known species of this crayfish.

The tail section is free of spines and the telsons are smooth. 


This is my first page so if you think the photography is rough, tough luck.



PLEASE NOTE, the comments on this page are from a know-it-all who subjects his father to 'KORN' music on long craying trips. He has no taste but does know his crays.