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The Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE has been conducting various Aquaculture Courses over the past three years. The program was basically through the efforts of John Mosig who is a pioneer of the aquaculture industry. John's first course was an introduction to Commercial Aquaculture of Australia's Warm-water Fish. Subsequent courses have been on basic biology and fish health. The latest course is mainly concerned with Hatchery Management.

As time progressed John enlisted the help of Andrew Curry who specalises in fish health. Andrew spent a considerable amount of time in Scotland working on various trout farms. Andrew was ably assisted by Bruce McInness who is the owner and Hatchery Manager of the Wartook Native Fish Culture.

At the TAFE there is a hatchery facility ulitising the latest technogolgies such as bio-filters. Pictured on the left is the bio-filter. The above picture shows the rearing tanks.
The photograph at left is taken inside the Wartook Hatchery.

The Course is now part of the Certificate II/III Inland Aquaculture. It's on the state register but will be replaced by the National Seafood Training Program when it comes in next year. This will be a competency-based program and prior learning(?) from the existing course will count towards it.

Andrew due to work commitments has handed the reigns over to Dr. Alistair Brown who now runs the Fish Health & Handling course. Alistair has also had extensive experience overseas and is also a fish vet.

The Hatchery Management Course covers the following topics:

. Requirements for site selection

. General Hatchery Design

. Water Quality

. Species Cultured

. Culture Systems

. Record Keeping


. Hatchery Practices.
In the photograph on the right shows that you can't get much more hands on than this. This is a sample of fish being on-grown for commercial sale.

In this photo Bruce is conducting water quality tests and also taking dissolved oxygen reading.

For information on further courses you read below.

I have attended all the courses so far and I highly recommend them for anyone interested in any form of aquaculture.