What's going on at the NFA hatchery,

Each year a dedicated group of NFA members ( well done again this year Angus) breed endangered fish for restocking into our waterways. Some fish are held year round in the hatchery, but some fish such as Maquarie Perch have to caught from the wild. Therefore angling skills are also required along with aqua-culture skills. Below are photos of the egg developement of Macquarie Perch. At a later day I will have detailed text accompanying the photographs. Although I understand the concepts of what's happening here , I truely must confess that I am a layman, they only put up with me to get the photographic record.

This is the tank set up used for the eggs.

The eggs are constantly moving.


The time shown is the time from fertilisation


The fish is now starting to become visible. Remeber these eggs are tiny balls, not flat.



Just another close-up. I am currently taking photographs every forty eight hours.


At 3.30pm on the 26th of October 1999, it was found that the eggs had hatched. The fry were moved to another tank and are now free swimming.

These shots were taken the following morning.

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