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Text and photos by Roger F. Thoma, additional photographs Christian Lukhaup and Enrique Aniceto.




The Red Swamp Crayfish

Procambarus clarkii. This species is native to the southern United States but has become established in many other areas of North America and other continents. Recent research in Spain demonstrated that the Red Swamp Crayfish has significantly altered plant communities in wetlands of Spain. Populations have become established in several areas of Ohio.
People in Australia should make sure this species is not introduced to their country. If established it will likely wreak havoc on the native flora and fauna. This individual was kept in an aquarium for several years. At first it was the typical deep red color but lost more and more pigment with each molt until I photographed it at the state shown.

The Florida Cave Crayfishes

Procambarus milleri, the natural habit for the red cave crayfish is 30 feet below the grounds surface and finds its way through fissures in the porous rock.
Indigenous only to the southernmost end of the peninsula of florida and living 30 feet below the earth surface, has kept this beautiful creature a hidden mystery until recently.

This punk milleri is suffering from algae growths, there can be a number of reasons for this, too much nutrients, bad water conditions, some crayfish play host and also have parasites. Some Australian species carry these passengers which are only found on certain species of crayfish. This has been used to assist in identifying some crayfish.

Procambarus orcinus, these two photographs were

taken by Mike Wisenbaker Tallahassee, Florida.

Procambarus paeninsulanus This species is from
the panhandle of Florida. It is not easy to
distinguish from P. clarkii ( Keith A. Crandall,
2000. personal information ). The picture shows
Enrique's hand holding a juvenil crayfish.
For more information and for an adult form
picture refer to

New photo from Enrique in California.

Florida crayfish

The Blue crayfish is a Procambarus from northern America. I breed this cray since 5 years ago and I am still not sure what species it is, it is sold in Europe as the Florida crayfish. Can anyone help?


Well it turns out this crayfish is
Procambarus alleni
Chris had it identified by Keith Crandell of the Crayfish Homepage, thank-you Keith. The photo below is of the more common version.

Procambarus alleni

Not much information on this crayfish can you help. See above.

Not too much information on these three crayfish (above and at right ). The photos were taken by Doug Stamm of ProPhoto and B and S Kabbes in Europe.

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