Procambarus continued

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Text and photos by Christian Lukhaup.

 Procambarus apalachicolae

I would like to thank Chris Taylor from the Center for Biodiversity Illinois Natural History Survey...he helped me key out Procambarus youngi and some other crayfish from Florida.

Thanx Chris



Procambarus acutus The White River Crayfish

Text and picturue Roger Thoma

This is a species of swamp streams and lowland habitats in Ohio. It prefers low gradient streams with mud or clay bottoms and is found primarily in the glaciated northern portions of the state. It is wide spread in the States. Additional information about this species can be found at The specimen pictured here was collected by Foster Purrington. Foster is helping me with a study of Orconectes indianensis in Indiana. He collected it when he was visiting his home town of New Bedford, Massachusetts. They are an introduced species in the New England area of the United States. This is a large first form male that displays well the species characteristics of long, skinny, chela fingers.

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