Cambarus (Jugicambarus)

Photos and text by Roger Thoma

Cambarus (Jugicambarus) brachydactylus

This is a small species of crayfish. The one pictured here is the largest specimen found that day by Guenter Schuster and his students. They live under the abundant rocks in smaller streams of the "...Cumberland River on the western Highland Rim in Montgomery and Dickson counties, Tennessee." (Hobbs Jr. 1989).

This one came from the Williams Branch of Jones Creek in Dickson County at Petty Road. I think Chris will provide a better picture than this one, but you gota admit she's kind of cute peeking out from under that rock.


Photo below by Chris Lukhaup

Cambarus (Jugicambarus) gentryi

This species is a primary burrower and
burrows amongst tree roots and sharp rocks on stream banks. By the time I got this one out my hands were shredded! They live in "...the Cumberland...and Duck river basins in the Nashville Basin and Western Highland Rim of Tennessee." (Hobbs Jr. 1989). This one also came from Williams Branch of Jones Creek. She was very defensive. This specimen, though very colorful, is somewhat drab compared to other populations.

Roger F. Thoma
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ohio State University
Museum of Biological Diversity
Columbus, OH