New Orconectus 'Roadies'

Text by Roger F. Thoma

This is a picture of two;

Orconectes (Rhoadesius) sloanii

"Sloan's crayfish" that I recently collected in Paddys Run of southwest Ohio.
It's a Threatened species here in Ohio. There is a road project planned for the road where it crosses the stream so we (Ohio EPA and
Ohio DOT) are removing the sloanii from the area and placing them up stream a couple of miles in an area with better habitat. This is the
story that made the news around here this spring, 2003. They like clean water shaded by trees and likely feed primarily on insects, other
invertebrates, and bottom ooze and algae. The road crossing has created a large pool where the water plunges from the culvert. This
large pool has become a favorable habitat for another species (the rusty crayfish) that is displacing sloanii. The rusty crayfish is one
major reason why sloanii is now threatened. When the road project is completed, the large pool will be eliminated and trees will be planted
and this will make life for sloanii better in Paddys Run.