Cambarus continued

Photos and text by Roger Thoma

Cambarus tenebrosus

The cave-spring crayfish. This is a species that prefers to live in cool waters. They burrow into stream banks where cool ground water seeps out, live under rocks in spring feed streams, and frequently enter caves. This one came from under a rock in the Patoka River basin. Chris Taylor recently examined the subgenus this species is from and concluded that many of the species were the same. Previously this individual would have been know as Cambarus laevis. Very little is known about it's life history, what it eats, or how long it lives. They tend to be about 15cm. long in total length.

Cave Spring Crayfish


Painted Hand Mudbug

This picture of the Painted Hand Mudbug is still undescribed. There is one picture of this species posted on the web page already. It's a picture I took when I was in grad school in the early 80's.

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