James finally has a friend!

Better photo here

Fishin' the Ovens Junction,

Hi, this is my new buddy, his name is Spike. I met Spike up on the Murray River and Ovens River junction last weekend. Instead of eating him I've brought him home.

I went fishing with Brennie
'the holden man' and his dad. We caught about 80 to 100 crayfish over the weekend but most were females with eggs. Yes I did eat one or two.

It is illegal to take crayfish in berry ( carrying eggs ), always check your local fishing authorities before eating freshwater crayfish.

Spike is a Murray Crayfish, his proper name is Euastacus armatus. He's a male and has a carapace lenght of 11cm. It's okay to keep crayfish of legal lenght. Spike is somewhat so a baby but he's only a couple of years younger then me.

I won't keep Spike to long because in summer it's too hard to contol the temperature of his tank. ( it's winter were in Australia).

I introduced Spike to my room. He really liked the poster of Atrocity. Atrocity is the band that 'crayfish crazy
Chris is from'.

A weeks gone by and as you can see Spike is quite happy. I had a play with the digital camera and these are my most recent photo's of Spike. The water in the tank is local water, if your unsure of your local water's purity it is a good idea to bring home the water the crayfish is used to. Ideally this should always be done because there are micro-organisms in the water upon which the crayfish might depend. It's from past experience that I know our tap water is okay.

Spike has had two feeds over the last week, two garden worms which we 'wolfed down' and a piece of potato about the size of a fingernail.

When feeding your crayfish always pick up left over food. Although they are detrius feeders  ( like rotting stuff), the water quality can be affected. Rotting material can also reduce the oxygen content of the water.

Check back in a week or two. I might have an article on taking Spike for a walk or something


Yabby Royal