Land yabbies continued, engaeus

'Burnie Burrowing Crayfish' Engaeus Yabbimunna
Restricted in distribution to only the Burnie/Wynyard area (NW Tas), and a small number of streams in that area. Under threat due to urban development, habitat removal, pollution, and forestry and agricultural operations. Currently listed as Vulnerable under the Tasmanian Threatened Species Protection Act, and nominated for listing as Vulnerable under the
Commonwealth Endangered Species Protection Act.

Thank-you to Burnie Field Naturalists Club. for assisting with information on this crayfish which is in danger of extinction. For more information have a look at the BFNC site or the research study conducted by the Marist Regional College.

Mother with her young.

'Mernda Land Yabby' Engaeus quadrimanus

This little crayfish has been identified by Tarmo Raadik of the ARI. Several specimens were caught at Mernda on a flood plain. Eddie Mc Millan from the Mernda Fishing Club put me on these crayfish. Eddie even had a go at taking the pictures. Eddie is on Crayfish crazies ( a face only a mother could love) and below the berry on a mature female.