Mexico Crayfish Procambarus.

The contributor Chris is from Germany, he has a number of northern hemisphere crays and some ozzie crayfish as well. Chris fortunately has just got himself a digital camera and this is the result ( not bad at all ), Chris will be supplying more information on these Mexican crayfish very soon. He intends to visit Mexico in the near future.

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Text and pictures by Chritian Lukhaup

Procambarus llamassi

More information on this Mexican crayfish shortly,

It's from Veracruz ,Chiapas,Tabasco , Yucatan.


The following information is from Juan Mijares who is doing research on the feasability of a M. rosenbergii or Ch. quadricarinatus farming in Monterrey (outskirts), México.

Procambarus simulans regiomontanus This is a species only found in the state of Nuevo León (México) , endemic. It is considered an endangered species due to habitat loss, pollution and the introduction of the exotic species Procambarus clarkii.

regiomontanus comes from Regiomontano which means: De Monterrey (México), which means (in english) : From Monterrey (México).


Most of this info is taken from the "Preliminary listing of flora and fauna for the state of Nuevo León, México" 1995.

Procambarus cubensis

A crayfish from Cuba. Perhaps it should have a page of it's own. They habitat freshwater ponds and streams. Their distribution: Widespread in Cuba and Isla de Pinos
medium sized species 7-8 cm

Hölenkrebs crayfish

( I don't know what that means: editor)

This species was caught in a cave in the state Vera Cruz/Mexico next to La Tanaja/Acatlana Size: 7-8 cm More Info on this cray coming soon..

Procambarus oaxacae redelli a cray from a cave in mexicois this the same as the specimen above? Thankyou to Luis Mejia-Ortiz for this contribution.

Procambarus clarkii,

This species is often credited as a United States crayfish. Enrique believes the natural homerange covers parts of Mexico as well as the USA and is found in the Chihuahua River ( woof ).

Until someone tells me different this species will be displayed here as well as on the USA pages.