Mexico Crayfish 2.Cambarellus.

Text and pictures by Chritian Lukhaup

Additional photos and text as indicated by Enrique Aniceto

Cambarellus montezumae montezumea

This crayfish is from Lago Salazar in Mexico, the photo below right was taken by Lothar Wischnath from Germany.

Cambarellus montezumae chapalanus

This crayfish was hatched by my friend Brian Kabbes (from Holland ) from Mexico , in the lake " Lago Magdalena ". It is a small cray just 4-5 cm but it's very nicely patterned and not shy at all.

Cambarellus sp.ameca

A new species from Mexico, more info coming.

This is the "clear" form of Cambarellus zempoalensis. In Spanish: Forma Clara, as reported by Aniceto, E. in 1989

This is the "dark" form. In Spanish: Forma Obscura, as reported by Aniceto, E. in 1989

Our first contribution from Enrique

Cambarellus zempoalensis

You can see three Cambarellus zempoalensis, two males one female. Two of them, a male and a female, are trying to mate while the other male keeps trying to fight with them. Almost like "he would like" to have access to the female. Also, there is two phenotypic forms in Cambarellus zempoalensis. One "dark" the crayfish attacking, and the female being hold. And one "clear" the male holding the female. They are sexually compatible, but they differ a little bit in their agonistic behavior.

This species is from the Lagunas de Zempoala, Edo. de Morelos, Mexico

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Notice the different coloration pattern along the dorsal part of the abdomen. They both live and "coexist" in The Zempoala Lakes. They are the same species.Yes, they reproduce too. No ecological studies have been made to account for such difference.

Enrique has a wonderful website on crayfish behavior just click