Mexico Crayfish 5


Here are some impressions from my last crayfishtrip to Mexico in November 2003.
My buddy Juan and i met some nice people there and lots of intresting crayfish.We would like to thank
Jose Luis Villalobos Hiriart and Fernando Alvarez from the Coleccion Nacional de Crustaceos mInstituto de Biologia.

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico for there support. Also we would like to thank Martha Juana Maria Signoret Poillon and Jose "Pepe" A. Viccon Pale for the help and the support.
The Crayfish found belong to the Genus Cambarellus and Procambarus.

On one photo you can see A. Villalobos, F. Alvarez, C. Lukhaup and J. C.Merino .

Miss Mexico (below) is Marilu Lopez Mejia ..shes a crayfishexpert from Mexico.