What Crabs!

I know this is a crayfish site but crabs are cousins!

Say 'Gidday' to Larry

Recently I had the good fortune to meet Larry from Mackay in Queensland, Australia. Larry formally from Victoria, now calls Mackay home. He's been fishing for freshwater crayfish for years. One of Larry's favorite spots for catching Murray Crayfish is at Nagambie in Victoria, Australia.

Fortunately for the Murray crayfish, Larry now has a new passion and that is catching his beloved mud crabs,
Scylla cerrata. These are a saltwater species.

Say 'Gidday' to Scylla cerrata, they're found in the mangroves and mud flats in tidal zones.

Typical mudcrab country. This peninsula is just south of Mackay.

My Daughter's boyfriend Steve with a couple of "muddies".

These specimens are about 1.25 kilos each. Their claws are tied for obvious reasons.

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