Nets, Nets, Nets


I got an inquiry from Max off the Crayfish World forum for some information on nets for collecting yabbies for fishing. A word of caution, make sure that nets are legal in your area. In Australia the fisheries officers have the power to seize any articles associated with illegal fishing, that includes your boat and car.

Below are some photos of nets and a couple of action shots of some "Good Ol' Boys" Jo and Rol netting yabbies for bait.


It's hard work but someone has to do it!!

This is a shallow dam


so the net is cast into the middle of the dam.

Joe collecting little yabbies  


This is a bigger and deeper dam, so the net is dragged along the edge where the little yabbies are, yabbies prefer the warmer zones, and most congregate around the edges. The water in these still dams is very cold down deep and the dams have a number of thermoclines.

Little Fishing hint: Dragging a dam can be a big time saver when trying new fishing spots, it's not what you get in the net, it's more of what you don't get, get it. If you don't get yabbies, tadpoles, minnows etc. it probably means there is good sized fish in the dam, so break out the silver wobbler and catch a reddie!!!


This net is about 2 foot six and homemade, I welded a frame out of 3/8 rod. The netting is shade cloth and the draw ropes are good ol' telecom rope. I 've made bigger ones but they are too heavy to cast out, this one I can throw a good 40 feet, so keep that in mind when making a net. This net is my favorite and is about 15 years old.

The net below is more fragile, it's made out of fencing wire and light fine mesh, this one I use in the Murray River to drag for shrimp (Macrobrachium) or in lakes for whitebait and minnows.