Ohio Crayfish Atlas

Roger is from Columbo, Ohio, USA. He is the Senior Curator of Crustaceans at the Ohio State University.

Ohio Crayfish and Shrimp AtlasNew Publication of the Ohio Biological Survey.

This publication serves to present current knowledge about the distributions of the 20 species of crayfish and two species of freshwater shrimp known from Ohio. This information is intended to foster additional collecting and monitoring of Ohio's crustaceans, which will ultimately lead to the production of a book on the crayfish and freshwater shrimp of Ohio. Treatment for each species includes a brief discussion and a distribution map. New common names are proposed for the following species: Orconectes obscurus-Allegheny Crayfish; Orconectes sanbornii-Sanborn's Crayfish; Orconectes cristavarius-Spiny Stream Crayfish; Cambarus carinirostris-Rock Crawfish; Cambarus ortmanni-Ortmann's Mudbug; Cambarus sciotensis-Teay's River Crayfish; Cambarus species A-Ohio Crawfish; Cambarus robustus-Big Water Crayfish; Cambarus tenebrosus-Cavespring Crayfish; Cambarus thomai-Little Brown Mudbug; and, Cambarus n.sp. A-Paintedhand Mudbug.

Citation: Thoma, Roger F. and Raymond F. Jezerinac. 2000.

Ohio Crayfish and Shrimp Atlas. Ohio Biological Survey

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