Land yabbies 9, Parastacoides


A special thank you to Dr Niall Moran of the Department of Primary Industry, Water and Environment of Tasmania. He was supplied a number of images of Tasmanian Engaeus crayfish. Niall has done a lot of work on these crayfish and brief notes from Niall are attached to most images. Niall is also an author, checkout the web site at Desdichardo Publishing.

Parastacoides spp. .

The species in the photo is Parastacoides leptomerus from
NW Tas. The genus is mostly found in SW Tas, though, and is currently being revised by Brita Hansen, who is working with Alastair Richardson at the University of Tasmania. [Note how this genus holds its claws on a much more horizontal plane compared to Engaeus].

I don't know too much about this photo yet, more information shortly.