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Special Notice for Australia.

Fisheries regulations and Flora and Fauna regulations apply to freshwater spiny crayfish and yabbies. These may be closed season, size limit, baglimit, possession of female fish, a combination of these or more, or a total prohibition on the taking and possession. You should check the Victorian Recreational Fishing Regulations Guide for details or contact your nearest NRE office. The onus is and must remain upon the individual to know and comply with the regulations, which may change from time to time. Similar regulations apply in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. Other countries may have similar restrictions.

Very Important

Remember when you buy a crayfish from an Aquarium that it may not be native to your area and there is the potential if you release it that it may breed with other released crayfish or import disease to your local crayfish. The best thing to do with an unwanted crayfish is to humanely destroy it or seek advice from your local fisheries.

"Don't be responsible for the extinction of a whole species and millions of individuals because you didn't want to hurt one individual."


CrayfishEuastacus  armatus,
CrayfishEuastacus australasiensis
CrayfishEuastacus bispinosis, rare orange form here
CrayfishEuastacus kershawi,
CrayfishEuastacus woriwuru,
CrayfishEuastacus yarraensis,
CrayfishEuastacus valentulus,
CrayfishEuastacus setosus,
Crayfish Euastacus sulcatus,
Crayfish Euastacus spinifer, spinifer2 new
CrayfishEuastacus spinichelatus
Crayfish Astacopsis  gouldi,
Crayfish Astacopsis tricornus,
Crayfish Engaeus  victoriensis,
Crayfish Engaeus unknown,
Crayfish Engaeus australis
Crayfish Engaeus yabbimunna ,
Crayfish Engaeus quadrimanus,
Crayfish Engaeus cisternarius, ,
Crayfish Engaeus fossor,
Crayfish Engaeus cunicularius,
Crayfish Engaeus mairener,
Crayfish Engaeus affinis
Crayfish Engaeus martigener
Crayfish Engaeus orramkunna,
Crayfish Engaeus spinicaudatus
Crayfish Geocharax falcata
Crayfish Geocharax  falcata
Crayfish Geocharax geocherax
Crayfish Parastacoid unknown,
Crayfish Parastacoid tasmanicus tasmanicus,
Crayfish Cherax albidus,
Crayfish Cherax destructor,
Crayfish Cherax swamp yabby 1, swamp yabby 2, swamp yabby 3,
Crayfish Cherax depressus
Crayfish Cherax rotundus setotus
Crayfish Cherax tenuimanus
Crayfish Cherax tenuimanus ( the hairy version )
Crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus
Crayfish Cherax preissii,
Crayfish Cherax unknown cave crayfish
Family Palemonidae
Shrimp Freshwater marcobrachium spp.

Yabbies7 Cherax lorentzii,
Yabbies7 Cherax albertisii,

Crayfish Paranephrops planifrons,
Crayfish Paranephrops zealandicus
Shrimp Paratya curvirostris,
Crab Amarinus lacustris

CrayfishParastacus nicoleti    
CrayfishParastacus pilimanus New picture  
CrayfishParastacus pilimanus    
CrayfishParastacus brazilensis    
CrayfishParastacus defossus    
CrayfishSamastacus spinfrons    

CrayfishAstacoides caldwellii  
CrayfishAstacoides betsiloensis  

Crayfish Cambaridae robustus, ,  
Crayfish Cambaridae carinirostris,  
Crayfish Cambaridae sciotensis,  
Crayfish Cambaridae brachydactylus  
CrayfishCambaridae monogalensis,  
CrayfishCambaridae dubius,  
CrayfishCambaridae thomai,  
Crayfish Cambaridae deweesae,
Crayfish Cambaridae coosae
Crayfish Cambaridae tuckasegee
Crayfish Cambaridae hiwass
Crayfish Cambaridae giardianus
Crayfish Cambaridae manningi  
Crayfish Cambaridae diogenes  
Crayfish Cambaridae maculatus  
Crayfish Cambaridae rusticiformus  
Crayfish Cambaridae ludovicianus  
Crayfish Cambaridae hubbsi  
Crayfish Cambaridae friaufi  
Crayfish Cambaridae grayson
CrayfishCambaridae unknown,  
CrayfishCambaridae bartonii cavatus,  
CrayfishCambaridae bartonii bartonii,  
CrayfishCambarellus shufeldtii  
CrayfishProcambarus clarkii,  
CrayfishProcambarus clarkii embryos Rare images of siamese cojoined embryos
CrayfishProcambarus alleni,  
CrayfishProcambarus bouvieril  
CrayfishProcambarus horsti,  
Crayfish Procambarus lunzi  
CrayfishProcambarus milleri,  
CrayfishProcambarus paeninsulanus,  
CrayfishProcambarus orcinus  
CrayfishProcambarus speculifer,  
CrayfishProcambarus pictus,  
CrayfishProcambarus spiculifer,  
CrayfishProcambarus youngi,  
CrayfishProcambarus apalachicolae,  
CrayfishProcambarus blandingi  
CrayfishProcambarus medialis  
CrayfishProcambarus plumimanus  
CrayfishProcambarus braswelli  
CrayfishProcambarus lophotus  
CrayfishProcambarus pearsei  
CrayfishProcambarus gracilis  
CrayfishProcambarus angylus  
CrayfishProcambarus acutus  
CrayfishOrconectes obscurus,  
CrayfishOrconectes rusticus,  
CrayfishOrconectes inermis,  
CrayfishOrconectes immunis,  
CrayfishOrconectes rhoadesi,  
CrayfishOrconectes rhoadesi sloanii  
CrayfishOrconectes spinosus  
CrayfishOrconectes durella  
CrayfishOrconectes spinosis  
CrayfishOrconectes barranensis  
CrayfishOrconectes compressus  
CrayfishOrconectes indianensis,  
CrayfishOrconectes sanbarnii  
CrayfishOrconectes harrisoni  
CrayfishOrconectes longidigitus  
CrayfishOrconectes neglectus  
CrayfishOrconectes lancifer  
CrayfishOrconectes luteus  
CrayfishOrconectes medius  
CrayfishOrconectes ozarkae  
CrayfishOrconectes williamsi  
CrayfishOrconectes propinquus  
CrayfishBarbicambarus cornutus,  
CrayfishCambarus jezerinaci,  
CrayfishCambarus bartonii cavatus,  
CrayfishCambarus geodytes  
CrayfishCambarus diogenes  
CrayfishCambarus undiscribed, tenebrosus  
CrayfishCambarus brachydactylus,  
CrayfishCambarus sciotensis  
CrayfishCambarus gentryi  
CrayfishCambarus pyronotus  
CrayfishCambarus coosae  
CrayfishCambarus chasmodactylus  
CrayfishCambarus coosawattae  
CrayfishCambarus elkensis  
CrayfishCambarus fasciatus  
CrayfishCambarus georgiae  
CrayfishCambarus girardianus  
CrayfishCambarus hiwasseensis  
CrayfishCambarus longirostris  
CrayfishCambarus longulus  
CrayfishCambarus parrishi  
CrayfishCambarus speciosus  
Shrimp Palaemonetes kadiakensis  

Crayfish Procambarus llamassi,
Crayfish Procambarus clarkii
Crayfish Procambarus catemacoensis, canthoporus
Crayfish Procambarus oaxacae redelli,
Crayfish Procambarus cubensis,
Crayfish Procambarus genopodocristatus
Crayfish Procambarus simulans regiomontanus,
Crayfish Procambarus hoffmani
Crayfish Procambarus hoffmani
Crayfish Procambarus hortonhobbsi
Crayfish Procambarus acutuscuevachicae
Crayfish Procambarus mexicanus
Crayfish Procambarus rodriguezi,
Crayfish Procambarus xochitlanae, zihuatenlensis,
Crayfish Cambarellus montezumae montezumea,
Crayfish Cambarellus montezumae chapalanus,
Crayfish Cambarellus sp.ameca,
Crayfish Cambarellus zempoalensis,

CrayfishOrconectes virilus
CrayfishOrconectes propinquus

CrayfishCambaroides japanonicus
CrayfishCambaroides similis

CrayfishAstacus astacus,
CrayfishAstacus leptodactylus
CrayfishAustropotamobius torrentium,

CrayfishAustropotamobius pallipes,