Places to go.



Hate to say it but, the state of Victoria in Australia is a great place to live. Fishing is very popular here and we have a number of large dams, rivers and hundreds of creeks. Our climate is temperate but we also have deserts in the west and snow on the mountains to the east. Saltwater fishermen are also catered for as we have the relatively calm waters of Port Phillip Bay and the open seas in Bass Strait. To the left is Lake Eildon, a massive man made dam.

This is one of our smaller waterways, Sevens Creek. It holds a population of Trout Cod which are listed as endangered. For more information on Trout Cod go to the Native Fish Australia site. Murray crayfish Euastacus armatus are also in this system.

This is my favorite place, the Waranga Basin. It is situated in northern central Victoria. It too is man made but has massive murray crays in it. This basin has a sandy bottom and the crayfish on the spiny page came from here.
This is a creek high in the mountains in Gippsland Victoria. These creeks are home to the Gippsland cray Euastacus kershawi.