Spiny crayfish 2, astacopsis.



 Giant Tasmanian Cray. Astacopis gouldi.

These crays are the largest freshwater crustaceans in the world. They are endangered and the Tasmanian State Government have placed restrictions on fishing for them. This specimen is held at the Insectarium of Victoria at Woodend. This informative site has a variety of invertebrates. The curator, Bert, has a wealth of knowledge on these animals and insects in general. Thank you Bert for supplying this wonderful image.
This photograph was taken by Dr. Andreas Frutiger from the Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology. Andreas was recently in Australia on holidays.

Astacopsis tricornis: unlike Astacopsis gouldi, this species is not listed under either the Tasmanian Threatened Species Protection Act or the Commonwealth Endangered Species Protection Act, but is considered of high conservation significance. Information and photograph by Dr Niall Doran.