Spiny crayfish, Euastacus bispinosis


'Glenelg Crayfish'.

Euastacus bispinosis

For many years this crayfish was considered to be the same species as the Gippsland Crayfish. They are very similar in many ways and both have bosses ( humps, lumps, whatever) on their abdomen. What is often called the tail of a crayfish is in fact it's abdomen. This boss is shown in a photograph on the Native Fish Australia site. These crays can be caught all year around and they too are vulnerable to over fishing. Work on this group was conducted by Aquaculture grad students at the Deakin University at Warrnambool.

  This great photo of Euastacus bispinosis was taken by Dave Harasti, here's an extract from Dave's comments on his dive to Ewan Ponds in South Australia;"These photo's were taken on the 4th January 2000 at Ewens Ponds, a series of 3 freshwater ponds located near Mount Gambier - South Australia. To say the visibilty was awesome is an understatement! It was like diving in air and the Vis was the best I have ever seen."Check our the other great photos on Dave's diving website