Spiny crayfish, Euastacus kershawi

 'Gippsland Crayfish',

Euastacus kershawi These crays grow to a good size and are plentiful throughout the Gippsland ranges. They are very aggressive and care should be taken when handling them ( that goes for all crays actually). They are in rivers and also tiny creeks. One of the biggest I have caught ( about 1.25 kilograms ) was in a creek only 60cm wide in some parts. They can be caught from November through to Christmas. These crayfish and other large crayfish often are over forty years of age. Please respect this when you consider taking home a trophy, do as I do a photo can be proof of your conquest.



Typical habitat, high in the mountains. This stream is only 20 miles from Mt Baw Baw, a winter snow covered mountain.

They are located in thick bush so their conservation status is relatively safe.