' Toby The Wonder Dog '

From Roger Thoma

I have to share this one! I have recently been contacted by a resident of Cincinnati (Peter Nord) concerning crayfish in his yard. I have been helping him identify which crayfish species he has in his yard. It is the undescribed Paintedhand Mudbug. The really neat part of this story is Peter's crayfish collecting technique. Peter has a crayfish retrieved. You will find attached a picture of Toby the Wonder Dog and the two crayfish he has retrieved for Peter over the past few days. I really have to get me a dog like this! Below right is Peter's description of a recent crayfish collecting trip he and Toby went on this weekend.



Hi Roger,

Our yard is not quite like a swamp, but very squishy. Toby and I went out with the flashlight, about 10 pm. It took him maybe four minutes with his nose to the grass wandering around with the occasional
distraction of a honking goose or barking dog. He found another crayfish, this time in the grass.

He doesn't quite have the idea yet that his job is just to point, not chew. So this one is missing a claw. He did get a piece of steak
which I am sure will improve his enthusiasm for the hunt. This seems like such an easier method than traps, plungers, or cans sunk in the ground, etc. At least it's easier on me, but perhaps limits us to
those crayfish that are wiling to walk around in the grass. Now if I could get him to bring them up to the house and put them in a bucket while I'm not home.

Regards Peter


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