Crayfish Tools.

"Tools of the Trade"

'Roger Thoma's life long friend died a few years back. It is obvious that Roger had a lot of respect for his old pal Ray Jezerinac. Below is a recent email sent from Roger.'


This is my old buddy Ray Jezerinac on the ultimate crayfish collecting equipment. It was just a crazy dream of Ray's and a lot of fun joking about it. Ray Jezerinac spent his life studying crayfish throughout the eastern United States. He was a great bird hunter and I, Whitney Stocker (Appalachianman) and all of his students learned a lot from him.

Ray passed away 21 April 1996 from lung cancer (he smoked all his life so don't smoke!) just when he was really getting started on publishing his studies of North American crayfish. Ray and I traveled the Appalachian Mountains for over 20 years collecting and studying crayfish and fish. When you get a chance, raise a cup of "Kentucky Tea" (Bourbon - "Old Crow" was his favorite) to Ray, I'm sure he'll appreciate it. Below Ray on the ultimate crayfish digger.


Note: That smoking thing keeps haunting me. Dave