Tooru visits Australia. Part 2.


In Victoria we are very lucky to have a world class museum. It is a hands-on type museum with activities for kids as well as the usual static displays. One of my favorite parts is the bushland forest exhibit which goes from dry bush to moist rain forest and has a mountain stream flowing through it . The man in charge of this magnificent site is the live exhibits officer and friend of Crayfish World, Alan Henderson. Tooru and I took advantage of Alan's invitation to see his recent acquisitions, a number of giant gippsland crayfish.


Dave and Alan

Gippsland crayfish See Enlargement Here


This one is at least 1.5 kilograms

Alan and Tooru


Still at the museum, Tooru and I also got to see the crustacean wet and dry exhibits. Chris Roley kindly showed us a round. Tooru took about 5000 photos of the Tasmanian Crayfish Astacopsis gouldi. It was great to be able to show Tooru specimens side by side so that we could see the visual/morp differences. He was able to see examples of geocherax, cherax, engaeus and euastacus. Thank-you Chris.

Chris Roley and me


To the left a giant Murray Crayfish, above is a saltwater southern rock lobster, Janus edwardsii, I've caught heaps of these over the years


Lunchtime. We sure ate well that week, at left Tooru samples australian mussels Italian style with salad and pizza.


We headed home, I gave Tooru a present, an Australian stockman's hat. I got him to pose beside my son's James' Australian Holden Panelvan. He was a real Ozzie now. Then it was off to the Goulburn River for some fishing.



We arrived at the Goulburn River at Seymour. I have a caravan and boat there. Tooru was very happy with the set-up. It was getting dark and a bit late to put the boat in so Tooru fished land based.

Your Host is Bernie


The beautiful Goulburn River at Seymour. Enlargement

Tooru's camper and my caravan on the banks of the Goulburn River


A bit of shady tranquility

All ready to go


My wife Sandra and I spend about three days a week here at the caravan. I am lucky that I have a flexible work load and we spend as much time as possible here. It is also only 45 minutes from my house in Melbourne. Apart from crayfish there is also murray cod, trout and redfin. You can get good results from bank fishing but I prefer to trawl and that way I get to take in the scenery and I find it very relaxing. There is a long stretch of water which is ideal for trawling just past the old bridge.

Inside the caravan, Murray lives on top of the TV unit

This is Murray Goulburn, my pet male crayfish Enlargement here


Tooru fishing the Goulburn River. Lucky he had a new hat it started to rain.

......More food, one of my specialities, entree chilli and garlic tiger prawns


I surprised Tooru with some Greek cooking from the BBQ

......We had lamb with tomatos, cheese, onion, olives and tzatziki.


Continued here


Photos by David Royal (Aust ) and Tooru Takenaka (Japan) Text by David Royal