Tooru visits Australia. Part 5.


Well it's a bit sad today, our crayfish adventures were coming to an end. We stayed at the caravan after our unsucessful swamp yabby trip. No swamp yabbies but for me I made some new friends who are definately coming cray fishing on the Goulburn with me in the future.

We cleaned up the caravan and Tooru went and did a last bit of fish fishing. It had been a great few days. Tooru and I shared alot of experiences that I will remember until the day I die. He did scare me a couple of times with his driving.

Beef cattle on the lush flood plains of the Goulburn River,

Click here to see how to get your own steak the Ned Kelly way,

Only kidding!!!!!


Okay lunch time on our kind of last crayfish day. Tooru liked my crayfish crazy car, said it sort of matched my personality.


Tooru says, "You are a crayfish crazy". At right it is better to buy a steak, we are not like Ned Kelly. Tooru enjoys a sirloin steak, medium and wrapped in bacon.



We are now going to the Central Victorian Yabby Farm which is owned and run by Greg Williams and his wife. Greg is a member of theVictorian Aquaculture Council which truly promotes responsible aquaculture. As you can see by the signs below, Greg has a battle on his hands from the beauocrats. The Department of Primary Industry is stifling small enterprises and this has led to a virtual collaspe of the yabby aqauculture industry. When will our state government wakeup; it's people like Greg that are pioneering a new aquaculture industry. I know from past experience that it's commercial enterprises that do the research and get the results, not bumbling politicians who don't understand the industry and are trying to make a name for themself.



Despite being closed, Greg opened his doors for my international visitor and showed him around the yabby farm. Greg is doing more for aquaculture than pencil pushing politians. Anyway Greg has got himself a day job, he's the Major of Greater Bendigo.

Victorians, give Bob a ring and tell him what you think!




 And here it is another beautiful swamp yabby, Greg has had this crayfish for a number of years.



Cherax C or Cherax rotundas ?

Enlargement here

We headed to my home, good bye crayfish and yabbies. Tonight Tooru cooked Japanese food for my whole family. It was so good and that much food, my son James telephoned his friends and they came around too.

Tooru's visit was a great learning experience for me. It was too cultures coming together and you know what, he had alot of things in common. The most important thing is to have respect for one another. Tooru is my friend and I look forward to seeing him again.


Tooru cooks for the entire family, with Belinda 1 and 2 and James.

My son James and girlfriend Belinda 2 enjoying Tooru's food.



Everybody happy, everybody has a full belly!

The next morning was a bit sad, we had to take the campervan back to the depot and then take Tooru to the airport. So much had happened in the last few days. Althought Tooru was sad, he knew he was going to see his wife and child soon who he had missed. We went to the airport, shared some sushi together and it was time to go, come back again Tooru.



When Tooru got home he sent me this image and these words after seeing the draft web pages of our journey.

You are the person who keeps the law.....
The person who enjoys nature to the full.....
The pleasure of eating....
The person who does a favorite thing...
The person who always keeps laughing...

These pages you can feel all of these.
It seems to express your character.
We spent the same "life" together for several days.

We argue seriously....
Then go crazy, and sing laughingly....
The noble flow of the Goulburn River runs eternally...

I can laugh at your face of an electricity fence
I can laugh at our stockings thievies combination




To be continued in the future.


Photos by David Royal (Aust ) and Tooru Takenaka (Japan) Text by David Royal