Wartook Native Fish Culture

Wartook Native Fish Culture situated on the western side of The Grampians in Victoria specalises in raising native Australian fish species only.Although this is a commercial enterprise, the founder Bruce McInness is highly motivated to re-stocking existing waterways with native fish. On many occasions we has released thousands of fish ( under the direction of the DNRE ) into public waterways for free.



Presently he is breeding Estuary Perch which hopefully will be available in early 2000. These fish are ideal for farm dams south of the dividing range in Western Victoria. Presently there are no native species available for re-stocking in this area. This is due to legislation that fish must only be released into their known homerange. I support this concept, just think what trouble European Carp have caused by being imported into our waterways.

In the picture at left is an Australian Bass and below the very simular Estuary Perch. See the page on catching Estuary Perch in
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The rearing ponds are purpose built and all have monk valves. This means that the dam can be completely drained and the fingerlings are taken out at the fish out below the dam.



This is a close-up view of the monk valve.

Bruce presently conducts Fish Management courses through the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE, for further information see
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