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June 2009 Native Fish Australia News on Oz fish hatchery

Finally got around to putting a page together for Jim's visit.

Long time crayfish crazy Roger Thoma get's his own web pages, this is getting catchy!

Crayfish crazy Emily get's her own webpage

Crayfish crazy Dale get's his own webpage

At last some updates, here we go, I've got a new toy, it's on the bottom on this page

An excellent picture sent in by Shania 6 years old to the Little Yabby Club

Recently I has on the New South Wales northern coast and I finally met up with Aqua Culture Guru, Rob McCormack, as you can imagine we had a good talk and agreed on just about everything except cherax albidus and cherax destructor status. But that's what makes life interesting.

Heres a list of the species Rob supplied photos of Euastacus australaiensis, spinichelatus and spinifer.

He has a couple of great Cherax albidus? photos here

And Gramastacus ssp. could be new

Unfortunately, I have fallen into the trap that alot of websites suffer from and that is lack of updates. I am very busy with my 'real job' and therefore crayfish world suffers from that. Also, I'm quite happy to answer emails but I'd suggest people use the crayfish forum for their questions, I get the same old feeding, mating, sexing questions every week. Every so often something more enjoyable comes in my email and that is our latest update from Craig of Canada Crayfish, he has supplied some nice images and especially a good mating photo, see here

20 March 2005

Coming soon, to Yabby Kids, is the Yabby Jet Crayfish Biology Adventure.

New page on drag nets for collecting Yabbies.

7 January 2005

I'm just back from holidays.

First off click here- To make a donation to the Asia Quake and Tsunamis Appeal 2004

On a lighter note, do you remember your first crayfish experiences, when I was about five I used to catch the same yabbies every night after school and then let them go, well I've got a new crayfishin' buddy so have a look at my family snapshots

12 December 2004

Photos and text from James Word of a very lucky crayfish

12 November 2004

Photos from Rohan Todd of an orange Euastacus bispinosis

Also another photo from Tooru from his Australian visit, there's a touch of king kong in this shot.

31 October 2004

The last installment of Tooru's visit

25 October 2004

Chris recently went to the USA and visited Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, guess what he sent me pictures of?

24 October 2004

Another update to Tooru's Australian crayfishing trip Part 4, also a page on a new species of Euastacus found here in Australia.

17 October 2004

Updated Tooru's Australian crayfishing trip Part 3 Also included on this page is a guide to catching murray crayfish.

10 October 2004

Updated Tooru's Australian crayfishing trip Part 2

6 October 2004

Updated the crayfish crazies page, photos of Bert from the Insectarium, Susan Lawler and her partner Geoff Edney, Alan Henderon and Chris Roley from Melbourne Museum and of course Tooru from Japan.

3 October 2004

I'm back from a crayfish trip with Tooru from Japan. His adventure starts here, there is plenty of goods photos and stories to come.

27 September 2004

Chris has opened a new Crayfish, Crabs, Shrimps and Snails website

"It's mainly in German and has an excellent photo index."

Also here in Australia I have an international visitor staying with me this week, we will post photos of our crayfish adventures early next week.

16 July 2004

Photos and story of Enriques vacation.

25 June 2004

Message received from Leopold Füreder in Austria

Dear colleagues,
May I call your attention to the upcoming CRAYNET conference being held in Innsbruck from September 8th to 11th, 2004. I would appreciate hearing from you soon and perhaps we can welcome you in Innsbruck this September.

PDF file here.

Yours sincerely,
Leopold Füreder

20 June 2004

Victorian Aussie crayfish crazies, if your ever had the urge to take on crayfish farming then you should consider attending one of John Mosigs Warmwater Aquaculture Courses. It covers native fish and yabby farming. I did the course several years ago and I highly recommend it. Info on the next course which is to be held at Ballarat University is here.

Roger from Ohio has sent some fantastic photos of Procambarus gracilis the Grassland crayfish. This little fellow has spines.

And some photos from my last crayfish trip

17 May 2004

Another mystery crayfish from Danny in Indonesia, any ideas anyone!

1 May 2004

I have found a new crayfish enthusiast in Indonesia, click here to see Danny's first contribution, it's possibly an undescribed species. I couldn't help noticing the simularily to an Australian species.

18 February 2004 'Big Update'

I know it has been a long time since the last update. There is a valid reason for my past slackness, but let's move on.

The opening page was just to get your attention, I'll put it back to the black background soon.

Okay, thankyou to Tooru for the updated logo on the opening page.

More stories and pictures of Roger's trip to Austria

( Please note; Austria is in Europe, the land of sturgeons, crayfish and Arnie, and Australia is kangaroos, big crayfish and crocodiles)

Chris has some great photos of mexican crayfish, I like the ones wearing the fur gloves, looks like he comes from Ohio.

A few new crayfish links listed.

Lastly, don't forget the forum. It's a great place to get to know one another.

4 October 2003

Chris has just returned home to Germany from a trip to the USA, twenty new photos of different crays, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 and Page 4.

Enrique Aniceto has some great photos of the red crayfish Procambarus clarkii, but this time in blue.

Next week we will be publishing some high quality photos that were sent to Roger from Rick Phillips who is a Naturalist in the State of Virginia

Last but not least Harry from Australia has his own web site, have a look.

28 July 2003

What does a crayfish crazy do on his holidays, well he meets another 'crazy' and away they go playing with crayfish. This is a series of pictures taken by Roger Thoma from Ohio who recently had a holiday (Busman's Holiday) in Austria with Reinhart Pekney. It's on two pages, so don't miss page 2.

7 July 2003

A photo of Crayfish Bob has been added to the crazies page, as we say here in Oz, he doesn't look too flash. He's right at the bottom of the web page, so those with a slow connection may have a long wait

30 June 2003

My good agimo Enrique has sent us some fantasic photos of twin siamese or conjoined embryos. In the wild these little guys wouldn't last long, but at present there one week old and still going strong, thanks Enrique.

21 June 2003

This week I had the good fortune to meet with Daryl Aberhart who is a Australian Documentary and Sports filmaker from New South Wales. Daryl has started an exciting new series on Australian crayfish and we will tell you more about that later on Crayfish World.

Recently Daryl invited me to his home and showed me two very interesting crayfish.

Regarding the first crayfish, to set the scene the swamp yabby from the Barmah Forest has recently been described at cherax rotundus, Chris Austin is about to release a paper to that effect. Now what Daryl showed me what he discribed as cherax rotundus setosis. In my humble opinion I believe these crayfish are Cherax setosis, but until we can clear it us this crayfish will remain cherax rotundus setosis.

The other crayfish was a burrowing crayfish. I had no reference material with me, but what I was shown had vertical claws and was simular to engaeus but I knew there were no engaeus native to the area. Then it struck me, it was Geocherax geocherax, they're a funny little crayfish found in isolated pockets in western Victoria coastal Victoria, islands in Bass Strait and they also occur in the coastal regions of New South Wales.

16 June 2003

Again from Roger this time some pictures of a little crayfish who was endangered, a Rhoadie Story

13 May 2003

Story from Roger on Toby The Wonder Dog!

12 May 2003

John Bunn from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia has sent some new 'hairy marron' pictures.

22 April 2003

Crayfish world cartoonist Mal Brown has just opened his website, have a look

8 April 2003

Long time contributor Martin Asmus of Charles Sturt University has sent a few photos of a mystery 'spiny' crayfish he found in Bathurst New South Wales Australia. Any ideas anyone.

And an article on crayfish which has been circulating around Europe.n Bunn

Daz, a regular on the forum, sent us a photo, he's now a crayfish crazy.

John Bunn has a hairy marron update. Anyone who has been exposed to identifiying and naming of crayfish will be interested in this. The common marron found all over the south east of Western Australia is to get a new name and the 'endangered hairy' will retain the name Cherax tenuimanus. Read on here and open the PDF file as well.

7 April 2003

Well finally back again. The forum has kept this site alive for the last three months, but now things will be back in full swing. I had a few issues to address down here and I now have the time again to maintain the website. So get the cameras out and start sending images again. Lots is going to happen and soon, last but not least!


12 December 2002

Well finally an update. Unfortunately I'm not a computer whiz kid and I've had massive computer problems, anyway we're back on track.

New artwork of Crayfish World opening page supplied by one of our Japanese crazies, thank-you very much Tooru Trakenara. Would anyone be interested in a Crayfish World T Shirt? Any profits will go to Roger for research purposes.

We get lots of enquiries on sexing crayfish so here's a new page, photos by Chris.

Also some new photos coming soon from Roger and Chris.

The big news Chris has finished his book on crayfish of the world, for ordering enquiries contact Chris

29 October 2002

Keen hobbyist Frans has some photos of Mexico's zempy's, follow this link to his website!

19 October 2002

Well a really good update at last. Chris has just returned from Mexico and has a host of new pictures of crayfish. Some are not identified as yet. We have a ne photo of a crayfish from Uruguay, Parastacus pilimanus, thankyou to Thomas Litz, he caught the crayfish in the mountains for Chris Lukhaup.

Alex from Brasil has started a nice website on South American Crayfish.

A little bit off the subject of crayfish, but anyway, Chris has supplied us with a number of photos of crayfish cousins, shrimps and crabs.

4 October 2002

I think we could say the forum is a roaring success, even if there is no updates on the website the forum is full of questions and answers. It has also brought out some future crayfish crazies. Crayfish Bob is a little strange and James from South Australia is ???? The stats for the forum since the end of May 2002, 226 messages and nearly 3000 visitors. Unlike the Guestbook I used to have, there has only been one posting i've had to remove. Seeing the forum is popular I have now opened a Crayfish Chat page. Time differences around the world make it difficult, but keep checking in there until you get lucky, I'd do my best to be on there 7pm Aust time each evening for a while. So thats 11am europe time, 3am USA 7am Australia.

1 August 2002

Some great new photo of Australian spiny crayfish. These spiny crayfish are hard to handle and much stronger than softer shelled crayfish. Thank you to Jason Coughan for these photos.

23July 2002

Another photo of Samastacus spinifrons has been received from Alexandre who is from the University of Brasil. He took the photograph on the crayfish in it's natural surroundings while visiting Rudolph.

As promised Olaf has sent us more photograpghs of Madagascar crayfish, unfortunately the actual species hasn't been determined so they are only listed as Astacoides ssp.

3 July 2002

It's great to get feedback from so many people, today a Master Chef Boris Grahn from Scandinavia sent me an email, we did the old exchange emails thing and he's quite a character with a good sense of humour, so here is a page with the Crayfish Chef Guru. It really highlights the importance of purging crayfish. I've said this before and I'll say it again, some species of crayfish are endangered by over fishing and removal of their natural habitat, but on the other hand, yabbies, crawdaddies etc. are plentiful and are excellent eating.

Boris also sent me a short report on the History of crayfish in Europe.

1 July 2002

Sometimes we just take things for granted. In many parts of the world access to catching crayfish in the wild is restricted by land owners and legislation. Fortunately here in Australia that's not the case, here's a short article on catching yabbies downunder.

29 June 2002

It never rains until it pours, we waited for over two years to get photos of Madagascar crayfish and now a new set arrived on my computer. The contributor is Olaf who is originally from the Netherlands and has lived in Madagascar since 1988.

12 June 2002

Okay, I've added a Science Section, I've had another request from James Frezner concerning crayfish genetics. So here it is the Science Section, James request is under the button, can you help! I know Susan Lawler Lawler of the La Trobe University Wodonga Australia was doing DNA analysis on cherax and euastacus ssp., might be worth contacting her! I also hope that the aquaculture/agriculture section is expanded on. People in the industry are invited to make contributions.

Also Roger has sent a photo of Cambarus Cambarus sciotensis from the Teays River in Ohio.

27 May 2002

Now more crayfish photos of
Procambarus and Cambarus from Chris and Aimee H. Fullerton who worked for the North Carolina Nongame & Endangered Wildlife Fund. Thanks Chris and Aimee. I'm sure we have the best collection of photographs on crayfish in the world by now because of all the contributions, I must say it is a great pleasure maintaining this site and I have made some great friends even if they are crayfish nuts.

17 May 2002

Max sheds his shell

15 May 2002

Great new cambarus photos of eleven different species on two seperate pages by Dan Jones from South Carolina. Thanks Dan.

Page One Page Two

13 May 2002

Added many new photos to the crazies section, introducing Arnoud Thoma, no we don't know if he's related to the 'Crayfish Legend', Whitney Stocker 'who is another crayfish legend', Dan Jones, Gunther Schuster, Chris Taylor and last but not least Reinhard Pekny from Austria.

At last, photographs of Madagascar crayfish and a big thankyou to Chris Lukhaup in Germany for putting us in touch with Ph D student Julia Jones, on to the
Madagascar superstars. Also Julia has been added to the crayfish crazies page.

28 April 2002

Quite a few new things. James Freztner had a great forum on the Crayfish Homepage, but for some reason or other it no longer exists. Anyway I have set up a new crayfish forum. I get heaps of emails and I always answer them ( sometimes it takes a while ) on crayfish. This will I hope become a FAQ type page and reduce the emails.

A new page on the 2002 Crayfish Collecting Trip in the USA's southern states, I'm still jealous and it's getting worse.

As time goes by, the quality of our photos is improving. Roger and Chris continue to impress me. Chris has some fantastic photos of 13 USA crayfish, look in the pictures index and click on the crayfish species marked new.

20 April 2002

Boy I'm a tiny bit jealous, Roger sent me a photo of him, Chris, Reinhart, Werner and a whole cast of crayfish crazies, it's not fair I'm stuck down here in Oz, oh well at least we have the biggest crayfish in the world. 'Snigger'.

Roger has sent us some information on the closely related species Orconectes (G.) immunis. to O. rhoadesi. We have also used figures drawn by Dr. Horton H. Hobbs Jr., 1989, we are currently seeking permission from the source.

Also included a photo taken by Chris of a Macrobrachium spp, a freshwater shrimp from Australia.

13 April 2002

Anyway at least they have been busy, two new photos, Cambarus (Jugicambarus) gentryi and Cambarus (Jugicambarus) brachydactylus

7 April 2002

Thanks to Paul Greenfield, he has sent us a photo of the Australian spiny crayfish Euastacus spinifer. Also a mystery crayfish sent by Craig Flynn, he also has a website click here

24 March 2002

My good old amigo Enrique has seen me a new photo of himself. Enrique is an expert on crayfish behaviour.

John Bunn gave me an update on the naming and possible taxonomic name for the hairy marron.

17 March 2002

My first birthday since my heart attack, yippee

From Chris in Germany we have two new photos of Euastacus valentulus and Euastacus setosus. Unfortunately he didn't send me any further information. All I can tell you is that they were first described by RIEK in 1951, both species are from south east Queensland. They are below the tropics zone, but it is a humid climate.

11 March 2002

A few updates, there is an extra picture of Cambarus b. cavatus and a new species for us, the Ohio Orconectes sanbarnii, both these contributions from Roger.

We also have something different here, you know how I love undescribed species, well John Bunn is from the Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. He is doing work on perhaps a new species of marron, click here for a hairy marron story.

1 March 2002

I recently went to Townsville and Mackay in tropical Queensland. Now I know this is a crayfish site, but I couldn't help myself because mud crabs are cute!

16 February 2002

Two new photos from Chris in Germany. The first is of the Australian crayfish Cherax pressii and the second is a USA punk rocker, Procambarus milleri.

5 February 2002

Well lucky we're got Roger, yet more photos from him of theGreat Plains mudbug of Indiana.

14 January 2002

I'm back from holidays and there is a backlog of email to process, I will answer all mail eventually. More great Roger photos of the Painted hand mudbug and the cave crayfish Cambarus tenebrosus