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5 December 2001

Roger has sent new photos of Orconectus inermis inermis

30 November 2001

Roger has sent new photos of a blue form of Cambarus Bartonii cavatus and Orconectes indianensis, there is also a little information on the crayfish research work being conducted in Indiana.

20 November 2001

New photo of an Ohio crayfish Procambarus acutus from Roger, this crayfish has very slender claws.Thanks Roger.

There is five webpages of Chris's and Renate's honeymoon in Australia. My family and I had the pleasure of their company for a week in late October 2001. His lovely wife Renate was very patient because as you can imagine we did do a 'little bit' of crayfishing. If you like crayfishing for fun, you will really enjoy

Chris and Renate's Holiday Downunder.

also two new species of Engaeus species, quadrimanus and affinis

28 October 2001

A collection of articles in German of the more common crayfish found in Pet Shops.

Deutsche Artikel uber die am haufigsten vertretene Krebse in den Zooladen .

18 September 2001

New photos on the kershawi and landyabbies page of habitat. I don't know what to call this, it's the crayfish crazies cars page. Also photo of my long time fishing buddy Joe put on the crazies page.

New photos from Chris of Procambarus in Florida

16 September 2001

New entry on the Honor role, also a personal message concerning the tragedy in the USA.

On a better note, photos of Chris, Renate, Allen, Reinhard and Hannes meeting in Austria at Reinhart's crayfish farm.

4 September 2001

New photographs of the small Korean crayfish Cambaroides similis, thank-you to Hyun Sook Ko.

The photograph below is of Mr Holthuis and Chris Lukhaup. Chris met Mr Holthuis at the Naturalis Museum in Leiden. Mr Holthuis described several species of crayfish

from Irian Jara and Papua. His photo is in a new section, The Crayfish World Honour Role

27 August 2001

My amigo Enrique from California has several avi's (mini movies) of northern american crayfish. Enrique assures me that this is actual speed. It appears these northern crayfish are much faster than the southern hemisphere crayfish, anyway have a look here.

( the movies are stored on Yahoo because they take too much web-space, thanks YAHOO).

Also there is a Crayfish World Movie Index below,

Chris from Germany sent a photo of the Florida cave crayfish, Procambarus orcinus. This excellent photo was taken by Mike Wisenbaker of Tallahassee, Florida. Thankyou Mike.

17 August 2001

I don't have a great deal of information about the latest contribution. I got the following message from Chris in Germany

Dave , here are some pics from Pedro from Mexico...he is organizing the next IAA meeting in Mexico next year.
Thank you Pedro.

Dr Pedro Joaquín Gutiérrez Yurrita's photos of Procambarus species can be seen here.

5 August 2001

1. I've been very fortunate to correspond with a new contributor Alexandre Oliveria de Almeida from Brazil. He was supplied me with photos of crayfish of the family Parastacidae. There is photos of three of the six species found in Brazil. The text is in English and also in Portuguese, hopefully in the future we will be able to translate alot of the pages into German and the native toungue of my other contributors. To see these new pages click either icon below.

English Portuguese

Alex has been added to the crayfish crazies page


2. This has nothing to do with crayfish. A good friend of mine Chris Nash is an abalone diver here in Australia. Chris and a number of friends run wildlife safaris from their Mary River Ranch in the outback Northern Territory. We have lots of big game here in Australia and all of it is feral (not native to Australia). Introduced animals have hard hooves whereas Australian native animals have soft pads, therefore the ferals do alot of damage to our very dry outback and cause soil erosion. They compete with the native animals for water. Water buffalo and giant feral pigs turn these valueable waterholes into mud baths. So do yourself and Australia a favour and come out and get a trophy.


3. Also visitors to Viictoria in south-eastern Australia, should visit Brian and Carol Woodbridge on the Murray River at Echuca. They have an aquarium dedicated to the aquatic species down in the Murray River system. This is a great place to see yabbies and the mighty murray crayfish.

31 July 2001

Well get ready for alot of new stuff, I now have the website on a new computer and we have lots of things to add to the site.

1. Another cartoon from Malcolm,

2. Tools of the Trade from Roger and a photo of Ray added to the crayfish crazies page.

3. A new website from Tatiana in Brazil, it's in portuguese with information about red lobster P.clarkii which is originaly from Louisiana.

4. Chris from Germany was a new site on everything that likes to get wet, it's called Waterworld, it covers a whole range of aquarium pets.

5. New photos from Chris of Cambarellus schmitti and latimanus, great photos of their 'chimneys'. Also Cambarus geodytes, Procambarus pictus and spiculifer

6. A new New Zealand site Koura is now online.

7. On the New Zealand page there is a photo of their freshwater crab.

8. Roger sent a photo of an Ohio native fish, it's here on the bottom of the Great Lakes page. Also a map showing distribution of C. jezerinaci

5th June 2001

Sorry about the lack of updates and especially to the contributors. Don't like to make excuses but I've had a bit on.

Anyway, Roger sent me an AVI ( mini movie ) of Cambarus robustus, the USA Big River Crayfish. This got me thinking so I put together acouple of Ozzie crayfish mini movies. As they take alot of web space I decided to store them in a Yahoo briefcase, click here to see them, if the link doesn't work try going through Yahoo briefcases, crayfishworld.

A friend of mine Mal Brown ( I think he's a friend, least he reckons he is ) is a cartoonist and does a weekly cartoon for the Weekly Times here in Australia. His weekly cartoon is of Roy Rider which most of you Ozzies will know. Mal heard of my Heart Attack and visited me in hospital. He did a crayfish cartoon related to my experience. Click here to see the cartoon, also Mal is willing to do us crayfish cartoons on a regular basis, please email me with any suggestions for cartoons and also we need a name of our new cartoon crayfish buddy.

I have also have new photos from Chris in Germany and Clint from New Zealand, I hope to have them posted within the next seven days.

5th April 2001


On the 17th of March 2001, I Dave Downunder suffered a severe heart attack and was admitted to hospital. I've since been released and should make a full recovery. I'm not after sympathy but I do wish to warn you all of what happened.

I am 45 years old, a big guy, 110kilos and smoke. The day it happened I was outside digging out a path. When I came inside, within 5 minutes I had a crushing pain to the chest and pins and needles running down my left side. I thought it was a heart attack and went immediately to hospital (three minutes from my home). Now without treatment I would have been dead. The drugs they give you, thins your blood so that the blocked artery can flow again. When they used this drug on me my heart went into spasm and they had to use the 'jump starter' on me four times to get me back in the land of the living.

Since then I have modified my diet and given up smoking. I now know if I had been away camping or out on the lake fishing when this happened, I would NOT have got to hospital in time and died.

Adults please take this as a warning, have a look at your bad habits and have a check-up by your Doctor. Kids tell your parents about this, it can happen to anyone, get your Dad to have a check-up now.

Better news

Martin Asmus is a technician at Chalres Sturt University in Australia. He has sent us some great photos of Murray Crayfish from a survey he conducted over the last two years.

More photos from Roger of Cambarus bartonii bartonii, a crayfish that appears to cause some confusion to crayfish crazies.

Photos of Martin Asmus and Andreas Frutiger from Switzerland have been added to the crayfish crazies. Andreas was recently in Australia, he has supplied some photos of the world's biggest freshwater crayfish Astacopsis gouldii, two examples of engaeus, yabbimunna, orramkunna and the rarely seen Parastacoides.

Also a photo of a crayfish found in a cave in WA by Raugleig Webb, so far not described.

Photos of the beautiful Lamington Spiny Crayfish have been supplied by Dave Thompson of the Queensland University. The description and distribution of this cray is currently in dispute.

Doug Stamm of ProPhoto has supplied us with some images of Orconectes rusticus, and two new species Procambarus horsti and Procambarus speculifer.

Chris from Germany has sent a better picture of our mystery crayfish, apparently it is Procambarus fallax

Also a photo of Procambarus bouvieril taken by B and S Kabbes from Europe.

12th March 2001

Roger has sent us a photo of a newish species Cambarus jezerinaci, recently described by todays standards and photos of Ohio's last remaining species of shrimp.

6th March 2001

Roger Thoma who is the Senior Curator of Crustacea at the Ohio State University and his associate Raymond F. Jezerinac have just completed an atlas of Ohio's crayfish and shrimp containing information on 20 crayfish and 2 shrimp species. Each species has a map and discussion of its distribution in Ohio. This book would be a great teaching aid, especially for Ohio teachers and students.

For ordering information click on the book.

There is a new photo of WA's black marron, known at 'midnight crawlers' in German pet shops, this photo was taken by Chris.

Also a new contributor Werner Kostenberger from Austria, he is one of Europe's best underwater nature photographers, click here for his page.

Also could the guy who sent me this photo and several others photos contact me, I have lost your original e-mail. My e-mail droyal@one.net.au

28th February 2001

I'm back, I've had several computer and server problems of late, hopefully now resolved. In the near future you can look forward to our revised site. Also sorry for not answering emails, I had a virus and wasn't prepared to reply to mails, that too is now resolved.

Do you like our new web address, thanks Roger in the US, that was his xmas gift to this great site.

We now average 2000 hits per month and growing.

I've also had problems with my former webhost, hopefully that is now about to be sorted out.

Many of the contributors will have received an e-mail from Chris in Germany, the response has been excellent and I think those involved will have a very Merry Xmas this year.

There will be many changes in the next few months as the site is transformed to Crayfishworld.com

Thank-you to so many for your support of this website.

18tih October 2000

A whole new group of crazies from Japan, the Japan Crayfish club.

14tih October 2000

New images of the Cherax yabby and redclaw from Uli Hopp and Mexican Cambarellus from Lothar Wischnath also from Germany who has had many articles published on fish keeping in general.

Also added images of Pat, Melvin, Kenichi and Uli to the Crayfish Crazies page.

12tih October 2000

A new contribution from Wales of the British Isles, the white clawed crayfish, thankyou Pat and Melvin

7tih October 2000

Major changes to the distribution maps of crayfish, Chris has prepared new maps and now the three families of crayfish are represented. This is a good starting point if you want to know about the crayfish in your area. There possible there is links to the photo-section of the different species, it is very easy to navigate.

6tih October 2000

A new section on crayfish moutling, a rather unique crayfish thing. Crayfish also have the ability to regrow limbs are we will have more on that soon. Have a look at this page and for more information follow the hyperlinks to Enriques' great website on crayfish behaviour, where he goes into more detail. Click here!

Also, the About Us, page has been upgraded.

5tih October 2000

Firstly thank you to Juan Mijares of Mexico, he has supplied some useful information on Procambarus regiomontanus.

Next, the distribution Map of Australian Parastacidae now inlcudes all Southern Hemisphere freshwater crayfish.

4tih October 2000

Great news, Chris from Germany has made a new contact in Chile, Erich Ruldolph Latorre, he has sent us some great photos and in particular interesting things about the sexuality of one of these two crayfish species which are rarely seen in text books. Thank you Erich for your contribution, we need a photo of you now for the 'crayfish crazies' page.

1st October 2000

Enrique had an unwanted visitor, someone who liked crayfish too much, have a look on the Predator's Page.

Happy Birthday we're 1 year old today

30th September 2000

Crayfish Downunder is one year old, didn't really know how to celebrate it so we went 'craying' Also Enrique has been busy

and there is a new photo from him of Procambarus paeninsulanus, which also comes from Florida USA.

27th September 2000

More great photos from Chris, an Australian marron and a Florida USA, cave crayfish which is bright orange.

Crayfish Downunder is about to celebrate it's first birthday, I don't know what we'll do, but we'll think of something..

12th September 2000

I have been sick for the last 10 days so I'm a bit behind on updates, anyway there is a new photo of Procambarus llamasis and Cambarus shufeldtii from Chris, and Cambaroides japonicus from Shiro. Shiro and I are finally getting over out language problems, computer language problems as well.

1st September 2000

Enrique has a good point on the homerange of Procambarus clarkii, the species is widely distributed in rivers shared by Mexico and the United States, so in fairness to all here on the Mexico page is Enriques P.clarkii

30th August 2000

New addition from Clint to the New Zealand crayfish page and also links to his website from here Southern Koura

Also a crayfish joke from Ozzie Gerg Davis here

28th August 2000

New addition from Roger to the crayfish predators of the USA Rock Bass .a

New photo of mexican cave crayfish fromLuis M. Mejía-Ortíz here.a

New additions from Japan, i am still not sure of translations so these images have not been included in the Crayfish index,

ps, Roger, Chris and Enrique I need your help here.

23rd August 2000

New addition to the crayfish crazies Olmo and Andrea our youngest crayfish crazies.

22th August 2000

New addition to the crayfish crazies Enrique Aniceto from the west coast of the USA and formally from Mexico, His website is quite different and has information of crayfish egg development and information on crayfish behavior, there are some excellent photographs of crayfish confrontations, it's crays in the hoodz. He has a photo of a species in the Mexican section,Cambarellus zempoalensis (I should warn, this may be adults only:)

18th August 2000

Another photo of Euastacus bispinosis, but this one was taken underwater by scuba diver Dave Harasti Dave has an excellent diving website with lots of underwater pictures.

More great photos from Roger, updates on the US crayfish predators page and US exotics page

New contributor is Shiro Nisimura from Japan his photos can be found here. His website is here

13th August 2000

Photos from Chris in Germany of new species of Cambarellus

10th August 2000

Photos from Chris in Germany of Mexican and a Cuban crayfish, he also has one called Hölenkrebs which I don't understand yet.

30th July 2000

Well I'm not really sure where this fits, anyway James has a new friend click here

This is great news, the next summer International Crustacean Congress is to be held in Melbourne. What a great excuse to come out here and go craying with me. Gary Poore is incharge of organising the events. Click on the ticket for detailed information...........................................................................

27th July 2000

Latest Native Fish Australia Newsletter here

25th July 2000

Rogers been busy again, a new picture of the brown mudbug.

22 nd July 2000

More from Roger, there is a new page on crayfish predators and another north american crayfish who's identity is still a bit of a mystery?

A new page on crayfish fishing trips, this one from our Waranga Basin trip earlier this month.

Also what motivated Roger Thoma to become a crayfish crazy, story and photo bottom on the page, click here

21 th July 2000

There is a new specimen on the USA crayfish page from Roger, this little guy Orconectes immunis is commonly known as the Papershell crayfish.

16 th July 2000

Updated the graphics abit and also included some photos of my boats, not much to do with crayfish, I hope to have the photos of the Waranga Cray trip up soon.

12th July 2000

Update on the swamp yabby, we have live specimens!, well Sue has at least.

5th July 2000

Well it's been a while, but this weekend I'm goin' crayin' at Waranga Basin. Hopefully i'll have some photos of our trip, any one who want's to front up is most welcome. Email me for details

to Chris in Germany all I can say is bad luck, Mate!

26th June 2000

UClint who contributed the photos of New Zealand crayfish now has his own site covering native, fish, crustaceans and little wiggly things, the address of this site is available on his Kiwi webpage

19th June 2000

Unknown crayfish solved.Thanks Keith Crandell of the Crayfish Homepage.

13th June 2000

Don't go fishing without a licence, it's too much trouble.

10th June 2000
Chris sure keeps me busy, another north american crayfish and a great photo of crayfish mating. The photo inspired me to do a page on crayfish reproduction.

9th June 2000

New photos from Chris again, this time an extra photo of that pest P.Clarkii, a photo of a blue yabby and a better image of the florida crayfish.

6th June 2000

New photo of an Australian crayfish Koonac from Western Australia, another thankyou to Chris from Germany.

2nd June 2000

There is now a third page in US crayfish section, the contributions are again from Chris, there is also another mystery crayfish, can you help?

1st June 2000

The download problem is sorted out, I'd simply just run out of webspace, not to worry I've just signed up to have another 5 meg. Have you read the message on the opening page, please do so. It expresses my feelings on the site but it is also a thank-you to my many new web friends from both here in Australia and around the world. I'd really like feedback.

Another thing, I get alot of emails concerning all aspects of crayfish. If possible please post your questions in the guestbook ( which is located on the opening page), many of your queries have been asked before. I will answer the queries on the guestbook and in away it will become a FAQ page, thanks Dave.

30th May 2000

The section on fish of the Great Lakes has now been divided into three sections, fish, exotics and sampling techniques Apart from the pictures the text by Roger is very informative and he explains how the lakes were formed. The page on exotics should be of interest to anyone who is concerned about keeping their environment healthy.


29th May 2000

The list of Australian Freshwater Crayfish has been updated, thanks to Jason Coughran of the Southern Cross University. The new additions are the work of

Gary Morgan, in (1997)

-E. clarkae, E. dangadi, E. dharawalus, E. gamilaroi, E.
gumar, E. guwinus, E. rieki, E. spinichelatus
, and E. yanga,
Morgan, (1986) -
E. bidawalus,


The Far East Gippsland's branch of NFA latest newsletter is online here

27th May 2000

Roger from Ohio State Unisersity has sent a new photo on electro-fishing on the Great Lakes.

The listing of Australian Crayfish will be updated in the next few days thanks to recent input by Jason

And last but not least,

Chris from Germany has sent me a teaser, can you identify this crayfish.

25th May 2000

More Mexican crayfish from Chris this is Cambarellus montezumae montezumea

21st May 2000

Another set of crayfish photos from Chris of a Mexican crayfish.

16th May 2000

This is unusual, some great photos of a crayfish from Mexico, the funny thing is that they some from Germany. Thanks to Chris, his pet crayfish and his digital camera. Also you have to check out Chris' photo on the Crayfish Crazies page, it takes all types to be a crazy..

1st April 2000

The latest copy of the Native Fish Newsletter is on line here

25th March 2000

New section, Roger has sent the first of series of photographs of the fishes of the Great Lakes.

16th March 2000

New text added to the Engaeus photographs supplied by Niall Doran

.15th February 2000

I am trialling a live chat page, time differences around the world may make it a bit hard, but we'll give it a go

10th Feburary 2000

Finally I have got a photo of Australia's Redclaw, it's from Leah Van Itallie from the Central Queensland Crayfish. Thanks Leah, by the way Leah get ready for some e-mails, I get more queries about this species than anything else.

9th February 2000

New Zealand has joined our ranks, thanks to Clint McCullough for images of the rarely seen New Zealand crayfish, the koura. and our first images of freshwater shrimp.

19th January 2000

Canada is now on the scene a very nice image of Orconectus virilis from Doug Collicut, thank-you Doug.

Rogues gallery, pictures of my international and national contributors, it's titled Crayfish Crazies, I think the photo of Thomas from Austria will explain that.

18th January 2000

From Roger new images of North American crayfish Orconectes obscurus and Orconectes rusticus

17th January 2000

A distribution map and complete list of ozzie crayfish is now available here.

16th January 2000

Well if your reading this you survived Y2K, what a joke:

Firstly new photo of the Burnie Burrowing crayfish, supplied by the Burnie Field Naturists Club. It's worth while visiting their site and their is also a link to research on this species. The research site explains how the specimens were captured and also has a diagram of a crayfish trap, a good alternative to electro-fishing which I'm not to enthused about. ( Electro-fishing, it don't impress me too much )

On the same page is photos of another engaeus, possibly Eng. victoriaensis. I will have it formally identified in the next month by Al and his pals at the Crustacea Unit of the Museum of Victoria. This cray was in berry so it might be of interest.

Another contribution comes from friends of the Boondall Wetlands. It is a cherax known as the Orange-fingered Yabby. You can also access their site from this page.

I have also had the good fortune to make the aquantance of Roger F. Thoma from the Ohio State University. Roger has supplied me with several first class images of Cambaridae. Roger has many more images which will be displayed in due course.I'm affraid the old CRAYFISH DOWNUNDER now has a section called CRAYFISH UPOVER, (a bit corny hey).

Thomas Kaufmann of the Crayfish Research Austria has also allowed me to publish several images, you must visit his site for information of crayfish diseases and the dangers of importing crayfish, great site Thomas. These photos are in the section CRAYFISH CONTINENTAL I'm running out of names, I still want images from New Zealand, Madagasgar and South America, so if youcan help please contact me.

We also have updated the swamp yabbies page, the search continues, Tarmo Raadik has supplied me with some images of this crayfish. It also has a simple key so you will know one if you find it.

There is now a photgraph of a marron, also the Ozzie Yarn is well worth a read, thankyou "Trouty",

Lastly, I have made alot of net-friends since I launched the site. I now have contacts all over Australia, the USA, South Africa and Canada ( Special thanks to another Rodger). Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with your queries. If your question could be considered as a FAQ, please post it in the Guest Book. I have had heaps of enquiries on setting up yabby farms etc. Rather than answer every enquiry personally, the Guest Book would be a good area for FAQ's and also as a forum. The Guest Book also allows your to contact like minded people. I will still answer all e-mails, but remember I am a layman, not a scientist, so not too many big words.

Lastly, lastly, I will be 'craying' again from about March-April onwards. If you wish to tag along on one of our trip please contact me. This year we plan ( Joe, James, Paul and me) to get images of Euastacus neodiversus and Eustacus diversus. To my knowledge there is no photographs available of these species. Tag along means that, I except you to have your own, gear, transport etc, I'm not a baby sitter. You also have to like under cooked spagetti, Vic Bitter and Cougar.

25th October 1999

New yabbie entered compliments of the Murray Darling Basin Commission.

New page for the
nursery of our baby crayfish

New page on
NFA hatchery events. Watch the developement on fish eggs over time. Photographs are being taken and posted every forty eight hours.

New link for the kids on the crayfish identification page.

7th October 1999

NFA at the Melbourne Fishing Show

5th October 1999

New page on baby crayfish. Also update on yabby and spiny 2 pages.

4th October 1999

A new photo in Landyabbies 1, submitted by Alan Henderson, the Live Exhibits Officer for the Museum of Victoria. Alan told me he has several more photos which he will forward to me in the near future.

30th September 1999

Site launched