Yabbies 2#

also a must see here

I've been after a photograph of one of these crayfish for quite a while. It first came to my attention when I was photgraphing specimens at the Museum of Victoria's Crustacea Unit in 1995. The specimen of course was dead and subsequently I won't show those sorts of pictures on my site. Two reasons, the natural colours of the crayfish are lost and secondly dead specimens lack the spirit of this site.

This particular crayfish is found in the Barmah Forest which is situated on the Murray River between New South Wales and Victoria. The most distinct difference to other cherax ssp is the wide flattened claws. I believe it may also occur around the Shepparton area in Victoria. If you have any information on these crays or any other crayfish, please feel free to contact me.

Thankyou to Robert Triggs of the Murray-Darling Basin Commission for allowing me the use of this image.