Yabbies #3

I came across this image while searching the 'net', kindly Robert Whyte the web-master has allowed me to post the image of the Orange-fingered Yabby. I suggest you have a look at this site. All aspects of the wetlands are discussed including the impact of colonisation, to visit them click on the banner to the right.

Text by Boondall Wetlands

Orange-fingered yabby

In ephemeral, freshwater swamps and pondage areas of the Wetlands, the Orange-fingered Yabby digs its burrow. As the water-table falls during dry seasons this freshwater crayfish burrows downwards to keep moist. In this way it can survive very long drought periods.
Aborigines trapped Orange-fingered Yabby in traps made from Dianella lily leaves, and stems of common reed grass.