Yabbies, redclaw


Cherax quadricarinatus, This is the tropical version of the common yabby. It is a fast growing commercial crayfish prized for it's table qualities. Similar to other Cherax except for the red membrane on the claws which only occurs on the males. This could be for two reasons, one to keep other males at bay and secondly to attract females, well females do like red sports cars. Thanks to Leah Van ITALLIE of the Central Queensland Crayfish for supplying this image. On Leah's website there is information about aquaculture, an enlarged photo of this crayfish and information on it habits.

Additional informationis also available on the
growers site.

Uli Hopp is a new contributor to these pages, he works as a biologist in a university ( in germany ) where he is buzy with crustaceans. More photos of Uli's here