Yabbies from WA.



Well we had a bit of a problem with this one, Chris from Germany has this specimen from home. The actual scientific name presented some problems. After using two keys and the expert advise of a leading aquaculturist it was decided that this specimen was Cherax preissii, if you think different please dont hesitate to contact Chris or me.As far as keying went, the most distinguishing thing about this Western Australia crayfish and other Cherax crayfish found in that state is the shape of the claws, further keying was the shape of the rostum and the head portion of the carapace.


From Rauleigh Webb,

Hi, I have only the one photo of this Crayfish (the one shown on my www site -
http://wasg.iinet.net.au/clife.html) which is a cave adapted species from the South-West of Western Australia. I have a good slide of the crayfish but it did not scan very well. I could have it scanned professionally if you are interested. I can also have it formerly identified by appropriately qualified scientists here in WA.