The Hairy Marron.

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John Bunn is from theCentre for Ecosystem Management, School of Natural Sciences
Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. He is currently working on perhaps a new species of marron. John sent larger photos but for reasons of copyright and speed of loading the images were reduced.

If you would like to see larger images contact us at Crayfish World.



Text and photos by John

I have some photos that I recently took on a field trip to Margaret River. They are mostly of the native "hairy" marron and one of a marron I believe to be a hybrid but can't be sure untill I start taking tissue samples for analysis. There are some site photos also of Cane Break Pool, possibly one of the last strongholds of the "hairy" marron.

Cane Break Pool, is about 20km north east of the Margaret River town site. There is going to be a forum on the "hairy" marron here in Perth some time in April 2002. I best wait until then to give a write-up as there may be some new developments regarding the conservation of this unique form of marron.


You should be able to note the clusters of setae on the carapace and how the median carina extends to the cervical groove.   In other marron it only extends about half way and is more protuding. The marron below are possibly hybrids.


Hybrid above.


The photo left are of a relatively large marron that
appeared to have intermediate morphological features of the "hairy" and introduced marron to Cane Break Pool . I believe it to be a hybrid marron and should be sure of these features once I start doing work using gentic markers that can
identify pure bred "hairys", introduced and hybrid individuals.


Another Hairy

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