Latest on the Hairy

by John Bunn


My supervisor at the Warrnambool campus of Deakin University, Dr Chris Austin, may have recently described the "hairy" marron as a new species or subspecies. He was the person who first identified the "hairy" marron as being the most unique form of marron in his PhD (1986). He told me that he has is or about to have some papers published on the "hairy"marron in a journal, I don't know which. He has done quite a bit of work on the "hairy" marron and Cherax in general. The existence of the "hairy" marron has been known for a long time it is just that it is not until now that it may be officially recognised as a separate species or subspecies. As it happens marron were originally described (1912,confusing isn't it) from the Margaret River (i.e it is the type locality) so if there is to be a taxonomic name change the "hairy"marron would remain as Cherax tenuimanus and all other marron will have to be given a new species name.

John Bunn

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