Catching Yabbies the Aussie Way with James

.Here is Australia we are very lucky. There is lots of creeks ( streams ) and lots of farm dams ( ponds ) which have yabbies. In most instances the farmer will let you catch yabbies because this is a very liberal country. These photographs were taken on our farm in Western Victoria. These dams we use for irrigating our fvineyard, but they are also the home to our yabbies.

Catching yabbies is fun and they make great pets.

And YES, if you come to Australia you can go 'yabbying' at our place.

James pulling in the opera house net

Not a bad collection, that's Butch on the right,

Butch is an Australian cattledog with a touch of dingo.


Close up of an opera house net



A big male yabby, this one's been eating his veggies.

Here James is holding a 'good sized' male yabby.

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